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Our Aims


We aim to:


  • provide a happy, caring and safe environment where great importance is placed on building self esteem and where individuals believe they can make a difference for the better;
  • provide our pupils with rich and exciting learning experiences which will motivate and inspire them to become lifelong learners;
  • give our pupils a relevant and meaningful curriculum which builds on their strengths, interests and experiences to enable them to make the best possible progress;
  • equip our pupils with the essential learning skills to enable them to think creatively and critically when responding to challenges in all areas of the curriculum;
  • encourage our children to pursue a healthy lifestyle through an understanding of the importance of physical activity, emotional well-being and informed choices;
  • develop, in each individual, the knowledge and understanding of their own needs, beliefs and culture, a respect for those of others and an understanding of fundamental British Values;
  • encourage our children to learn more about the Christian faith in all its traditional and to gain insight into other faiths so that positive attitudes and tolerance can be developed about belief within a caring community.