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Become a Governor

What a Parish Church School Governor Does and How to Become One


Our Governors are appointed as follows:


  • elected by parents with children on the school roll (parent governor).
  • elected by staff at the school.
  • chosen by the Parish Church Council (PCC) (foundation governor).


Once appointed, all governors have the same rights.


What you will need to do:


There are three main reasons why governors are needed:


  • They make sure the school is run to the needs and wishes of local people.
  • They support, promote and protect the school, its pupils and staff.
  • They are a visible form of accountability.


School governors do not have to be experts in education. That's the role of the headteacher and teaching staff.


The role of a school governors is:


  • to take a strategic overview of school-related issues.
  • to set a broad framework within which the headteacher can work.
  • concerns with the general oversight of the conduct of the school.


Important: The headteacher will always manage how the school itself is run.


As a school governor you should:


  • work in the best interests of the school.
  • attend meetings of the governing body.
  • serve on committees which deal with the governing body's legal duties.
  • be aware of issues about education.
  • take an interest in school activities.
  • promote the school.
  • commit time to your role.


You are expected to be involved in:


  • staff appointments
  • pupil discipline
  • the curriculum
  • school finances
  • school development plans
  • health and safety
  • governor training


To become a Parent Governor at our school you must have a child on the school role.  When there becomes a vacancy, the Clerk to Governors will send letters out asking for nominations.  If more nominations are returned than the number of vacancies available then an election will be held.


To become a Foundation Governor you need to be a member of the Parish Church of Gainsborough and Morton.  Please contact either the Priest in Charge or the Parish Church Council Secretary.  (See website for details http://gainsboroughchurches.org/contact/the-parish-team/).

For more information about how to become a governor, please see links below: