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Ancient Egypt



This half term we will be travelling back in time to find out more about who the ancient Egyptians were, what they believed in and how they lived. We will be learning about key historians, such as Howard Carter. Throughout our topic we will investigate Tutankhamun and what the findings in the tomb tell us about the Egyptian beliefs and way of life.  




In English, we are consolidating our learning about cohesion and fronted adverbials to write stories based on the book Starbird. Using the text as an outline, we are writing our own fable about a mythical creature. 




We are reading The Secrets of a Sun King in our whole class guided reading sessions. We will be focusing on summarising skills alongside developing our inference skills too. 




In music we are learning to play the trumpet and pBone (plastic trombone). We will be developing skills linked to individual notes and chords as well as rehearsing whole pieces that we will perform to parents. 

Recommended Reading List for Year 5 and 6