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Past Governors

Past Governors:        
Name Position Date of Appointment Date of Reason for Retirement
Mrs T Fulthorpe Headteacher 01/09/2005 31/12/2020 Retired
Mrs Wendy Carrick Foundation Governor 18/06/2018 02/10/2020 Retired due to work commitments.
Mr Carl Currie Parent Governor 01/09/2017 28/09/2020 Retired due to work commitments.
Mr A Selby Parent Governor 01/09/2017 31/08/2020 Retired as child moved to secondary school.
Miss Stephanie Beattie Parent Governor 01/09/2017 Dec-19 Retired due to personal reasons.
Mr Ken Robertson Foundation Governor 15/10/2018 17/07/2019 Retired early for personal reasons.
Reverend Canon Michael Cooney Ex-officio Foundation Governor 01/05/2013 31/12/2018 Retired from the Church and the Governing Body.
Mrs Janett Smith Staff Governor 01/09/2014 31/08/2018 Term of office ended.
Mrs Joanna Cave Parent Governor 01/09/2016 01/10/2017 Retired early for personal reasons.
Mr David Jones Parent Governor 01/09/2013 31/08/2017 Term of office expired.
Clare Farrow Foundation Governor 13/10/2014 31/07/2017 Retired.
Mrs Julia Denniss Parent Governor 17/12/2015 06/09/2017 Resigned due to change in employment.
Mrs Elaine Jupp Staff Governor 01/09/2014 31/12/2015 Retired as left employment as gained headship at another school.
Mrs Cheryl Myskiw Parent Governor 18/01/2015 31/08/2015 Retired due to taking up position of School Business Manager.
Mrs Lucie Robbins Parent Governor 01/09/2013 31/08/2015 Retired as child moved to secondary school.
Mrs Claire Hobday Foundation Governor 19/01/2011 18/01/2015 Retired