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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to deliver an education that will equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills required to become independent and responsible citizens in an ever-changing and evolving society. We do this by offering a broad range of learning experiences in the classroom, outdoors and in the wider community, across a wide variety of curriculum subjects including:


  • Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship
  • The creative arts: Drama, art and design, music and design and technology
  • Physical Education
  • The Humanities: Religious Education, Geography, History
  • Computing
  • Modern Foreign Languages: French
  • English: Reading, writing, grammar, and spelling
  • Mathematics
  • Science




Our Local History and Heritage

As a school, we are privileged to be situated right in the heart of Gainsborough. We want to ensure that our pupils learn about their local community and it's history and we have designed our curriculum to do this. The pupils will learn about:


  • The Gainsborough Old Hall
  • The Historic All Saints Parish Church
  • The River Trent


Teaching our Pupils to Stay Safe

Our PSHE curriculum plays a vital role in ensuring that our pupils are able to keep themselves safe. Our pupils are taught:


  • How to use technology responsibly
  • How to stay safe online
  • What positive relationships feel like and what to do if they are worried
  • The difference between secrets and surprises and what to do if an adult asks them to keep a secret
  • Personal hygiene: the spread of disease, hand washing, and dental care
  • Road safety (supported by the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership)
  • Sun Safety
  • Fire Safety


Details of the topics covered in all year groups can be found in the links below along with the Statutory Guidance from the PSHE Association.