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Collective Worship

Collective worship is a daily event at our school. All the staff and children view this time as an important part of each school day, contributing to the distinctive ethos of our school.

How does our vision impact Collective Worship at Parish?


We use our core four, inspired by our Church school vision, to guide us.



We acknowledge that individuals worship in different ways and that each person may have a spiritual connection through faith or no faith.  We teach that we show respect for all faiths, beliefs and world views.    



We make connections during worship time between classes, key stages and the whole school.  We have a strong link to our local church and invite clergy and members of the church community to worship with us. 



Our worship is rooted in Christian teaching.  We recognise and explore the key Christian belief in Jesus Christ; his birth, life and resurrection and how this creates hope.  The teachings of Jesus help us learn that there is always hope.



We explore and hear stories from a range of faiths and how we can learn from them.  Exploring morals and teachings rooted in Biblical text and picture books help us form an understanding of learning from experiences.

In addition to our Core Four, we also learn about complimentary Christian values that help to unlock the Core Four and support each member of our school community to really understand them.  

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