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School Uniform

School Uniform


All children are expected to dress appropriately for school and there is a voluntary school uniform, consisting of grey or black trousers/skirt, a white or red polo T-shirt or white shirt/blouse and a red sweatshirt or cardigan. Shoes should be black. 


Year 6 children also have the option of wearing a black sweatshirt.

Most items are available to buy from the school office, please ask for a price list and order form.


Some of the time children will be taking part in handling paint, clay and other "messy" substances so an overall - perhaps an old shirt - would be advisable. 


A pair of plimsolls/trainers for outdoor PE and indoor athletics, dark shorts, white T-shirt  are needed for PE in a suitable PE bag with a drawstring. 


Please refer to the uniform leaflet below for further clarification.