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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs T Fulthorpe - Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs S Nelson - Deputy Headteacher, DT LAC

For 2019-20 we will be operating a model of Co-Headship; Mrs Fulthorpe and Mrs Nelson will share the role. Mrs Nelson will be Headteacher on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Fulthorpe on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Nelson will be in school full-time and continues in the role of Deputy Headteacher on the days Mrs Fulthorpe is in school.

Picture 1 Mrs A Russell - Pastoral Lead, DSL
Picture 2 Mr Adrian Selby - Chair of Governors

Administration Team

Administration Team 1 Mrs C Myskiw - School Business Manager
Administration Team 2 Mrs C Baker
Administration Team 3 Mrs T Edwards
Administration Team 4 Miss S Daubney

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff 1 Mr J Anderson
Teaching Staff 2 Mrs K Arnold
Teaching Staff 3 Miss M Cawthorne
Teaching Staff 4 Mrs V Cherry
Teaching Staff 5 Miss L Crowston
Teaching Staff 6 Miss J Hensby
Teaching Staff 7 Miss B Hicks
Teaching Staff 8 Mrs C Jones
Teaching Staff 9 Miss M McPherson
Teaching Staff 10 Mrs A Marshall
Teaching Staff 11 Mrs K Mitchell
Teaching Staff 12 Mrs E Page
Teaching Staff 13 Mrs T Palin
Teaching Staff 14 Miss N White
Teaching Staff 15 Mrs S Wilks

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs D Austin
Teaching Assistants 2 Miss H Austin
Teaching Assistants 3 Mrs L Blanchard
Teaching Assistants 4 Miss G Brown
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs S Dalton
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs A Dennis
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs K Everett
Teaching Assistants 8 Mrs C Gardner
Teaching Assistants 9 Miss V Garwell
Teaching Assistants 10 Mrs R Green
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs J Redfern
Teaching Assistants 12 Mrs W Richardson
Teaching Assistants 13 Mrs D Smith
Teaching Assistants 14 Mrs J Smith
Teaching Assistants 15 Mrs N Turner

Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisors 1 Mrs M Bednarcyzk
Midday Supervisors 2 Miss T Hall
Midday Supervisors 3 Miss N Kent
Midday Supervisors 4 Miss N Martin
Midday Supervisors 5 Mrs C Moden
Midday Supervisors 6 Mrs Z Postlethwaite
Midday Supervisors 7 Miss K Stubbs
Midday Supervisors 8 Mrs P Willcox


Caretaker 1 Mr V Everett


Mrs T. Fulthorpe; Mrs S. Nelson


Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S. Nelson


Assistant Headteacher

Mrs C. Jones


Teaching Staff


Team 4

Mrs K. Mitchell 

Miss N. White

Mrs A. Marshall

Miss B. Hicks


Team 3

Mrs C. Jones

Mr J. Anderson

Miss M. Cawthorne


Team 2

Mrs E. Page

Miss J. Hensby

Mrs T. Palin

Mrs E. Johnson (student teacher)


Team 1

Mrs S. Wilks

Miss L. Crowston


Maths Specialist Teacher

Miss M. McPherson


Part Time Teaching Staff

Mrs V. Cherry

Mr P. Harrison  

Mrs K. Arnold

Mrs A. Marshall


Teaching Assistants

Mrs D. Austin

Mrs R. Green

Miss H. Austin

Mrs J. Redfern

Mrs L. Blanchard

Mrs W.Richardson

Miss G. Brown

Mrs D. Smith

Mrs A. Dennis

Mrs J. Smith

Mrs K. Everett

Miss K. Stubbs

Mrs C. Gardner

Mrs N. Turner

Miss V. Garwell



Non-Teaching Staff


Pastoral Lead

/Attendance Officer

Mrs A. Russell







School Business Manager

Mrs. C. Myskiw


School Administrators

Mrs C. Baker

Mrs T. Edwards

Miss S. Daubney

Mrs L. Blanchard


Cleaning Staff 

Mrs M. Bednarczyk   

Miss T. Hall

Ms T. Kent

Mrs Z. Postlethwaite



Mr V. Everett


Midday Supervisory Assistants


Miss N Martin

Mrs M. Bednarczyk

Mrs S. Martin

Mrs S. Dalton

Miss J. Stocks

Mrs K. Everett

Ms C. Moden

Mrs C. Gardner

Mrs J. Smith

Mrs R. Green

Miss K. Stubbs

Miss T. Hall

Mrs P. Willcox

Ms T. Kent




Governing Body


Foundation Governors

Mrs W. Carrick (Vice-Chair)

Mrs G. Cater

Mr G. Fisher

Mr D. Jones

Mrs D. Speed


Parent Governors                    

Ms S. Beattie

Mr C. Currie

Mr A. Selby (Chair)


Non-teaching Staff Governor

Mrs D. Smith


Teacher Governor

Mrs S. Nelson



Mrs T. Fulthorpe 


Clerk to the Governors

LCC Clerk