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What is Spirituality?

Our working definition of ‘spirituality’


At Parish we acknowledge that spirituality is difficult to define because it is a very personal experience, unique to the individual.  We recognise that spirituality is not the same as having a faith or a religion; a person can be spiritual without having a particular faith.


In our school we have defined spirituality as:


“A journey of awareness which is beyond words.  Spirituality is something we feel inside ourselves; it is about developing inner being and understanding of self.  It allows us to reflect on the mysteries of life and explore our connection to something ‘bigger’ outside of ourselves.”


We understand that the language we use to define spirituality is not always child friendly; so when talking to the children we will refer to:

  • a sense of awe and wonder
  • a connection to self, each other, the world around us and beyond
  • imagination and creativity
  • being curious through exploring and questioning