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The Core Four



Journeying together with hope and aspiration

At Parish, we value each person as they are, seeing every member of our school family as a precious, unique individual and treating them with dignity.  Seeking first to understand through the building of relationships, we live in a community of hope.  We aspire to enable each person to be a curious learner, inspired to develop the knowledge and wisdom to make the world a better place.  We strive to encourage all to fulfil their God-given potential, having a confidence in transformation for the better.

Our Core Four Values are our heart.  They inform and influence everything from our decisions and our actions to our relationships and our every day life here at Parish.  Our values are clearly displayed around school.  They are displayed in classrooms and referred to regularly.  We learn about each value in depth through our Collective Worship schedule; where we explore what the value means and why it is important to us at Parish.  Each value is deeply connected to our Christian vision and rooted in Biblical scripture.