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We believe that spirituality is a core thread that runs through our school and we attach great importance to it for both children’s development and for the growth and well-being of all within our school community.

How does our vision impact Spirituality at Parish?


We use our core four, inspired by our Church school vision, to guide us.



We aim for every member of our school to be self-aware and learn to empathise with those around them.  We endeavour to develop a culture of understanding and respect around beliefs and cultures.



We treat each other how we want to be treated.  We learn how we belong to a community, that what each person believes is different and that is okay.  We foster a community of curiosity and encourage sharing about what we believe.



We aim to build resilience and hope for the future through exploring beliefs and developing the ability to make a stand to defend them. We foster an atmosphere of gratitude to help promote generosity.



We want each member of our school community to be willing to take risks when learning and exploring.  We create opportunities to ask and discover the answers to life’s big questions.