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At Parish Church Primary School we place a high value on Physical Education (PE). Both staff and pupils regard PE as a key component of the education we provide, with the aim of developing young people into well-rounded individuals who possess a positive attitude towards physical activity and competitive challenges.


Lessons cover the objectives laid out in the national curriculum through the provision of six strands of Physical Education; games, dance, gymnastics, athletics, swimming and outdoor adventurous activities. Lessons that run within these strands are aimed to be diverse and engaging for pupils. Each class participates in either one or two sessions of Physical Education per week, in both indoor and outdoor learning environments. As well as traditional activities such as; football, gymnastics, netball, tag rugby and hockey, we also run lessons that focus on problem solving and designing your own games. Children in Year 3/4 participate in swimming lessons designed to enhance their water confidence and develop their proficiency in front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke.


Learning in PE lessons focuses on developing a progression of key physical skills and the application of taught skills and tactics into a small game environment. Children are taught to develop balance, coordination and agility as well as an understanding of teamwork, tactics, independence and creativity.


PE at Parish is taught in line with the school’s commitment to the SMSC programme. Lessons are designed to allow all children to explore their own abilities and talents in an inclusive environment, regardless of gender, race, age, nationality and physical or mental ability. Pupils are encouraged to sculpt and drive their own learning, harnessing their natural creative instincts and imagination. Team games offer the children opportunities to develop their understanding of rules and consequences. Pupils are expected to develop their own games with their own set of rules, thus applying their learning and boosting their social skills. Sport is of vast cultural importance to Britain. Children at Parish have opportunities to compete in inter-school competitions which gives them a sense of achievement and also develops their role in the wider community and culture of the society in which they live.


Parish employs a number of sports coaches who work alongside teachers and children. This gives the children the opportunity to learn from highly skilled sports teachers, providing learning that the children can then build on and develop for the rest of their school career. We also offer a number of sporting clubs to further supplement pupils' curricular learning. These include football, netball, and running. In addition to these, equipment and supervision are provided to make break times physically active.