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In KS2 (Years 3-6), we are thrilled to announce that our home reading records will now be completed using an online APP called Boom Reader. This is an award winning app designed to support teachers, parents/carers and children with logging their reading and books. We understand that changing from paper diaries can feel daunting but we know that there are many benefits to using the app, which will make the experience of logging reading clear, enjoyable and more rewarding.


Here is a brief list of the benefits we think you’ll appreciate:

  • No lost reading diaries
  • Reading diaries are never left at home on the busy school run
  • Log reading in seconds- just 4 or 5 taps of your phone are needed to log reading
  • Saving the environment by stopping needless paper usage
  • No damaged/ruined reading diaries which need replacing
  • School gains powerful insight into reading for every child
  • Reading records move with your child through school
  • Parents/carers can log in separately for each child
  • Parents without smartphones can login via the website: boomreader.co.uk/parents
  • And of course, the app is completely free for parents to download and use!



Boom Reader has an area of the website dedicated to parents (boomreader.co.uk/parents) that includes guides and further information. Your child’s class teacher will also be on hand should you have any questions. You will receive login details from your child’s teacher that will contain everything you need to get started.


The teaching of reading at school is only part of a child's learning, and the value that is given to reading at home is equally important. Research suggests that children who read regularly outside of school perform significantly better in school assessments and so your support at home is essential in ensuring that your child makes the progress they are capable of. You can help your child to achieve their full potential by listening to them read daily (for about 15 minutes), reading regular bedtime stories and by encouraging them to enjoy reading and sharing books together. Reading widely through all of these approaches will help develop your child’s vocabulary, which in turn will make them more confident when reading more challenging books. Essentially, the most important aspect to home reading is the reading together. With the use of Boom Reader, we hope to make the process of recording reading as seamless as possible for everyone.