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Term 2


We have produced some Knowledge Organisers for some of our key projects this term.  you can find them below.  Please use these to revise key knowledge with your children.


We shall be using the creepy short story "The Old Mill" as a basis for our suspense writing.  We shall be looking at author's techniques and mirroring these in our own suspense writing.  A big focus of our writing will be to use conjunctions/pronouns and adverbials to link ideas.



In maths we will continuing to use our place value knowledge to support us with formal written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and learning how to apply these to solve problems.  Keep practising your number facts on TT Rockstars!



Our science project this term is life cycles and habitats.  We shall be learning about the life cycles of different types of animals.  We shall be comparing and contrasting the life cycles of different types of animals.



We shall be learning about the life journeys of Hindus.  We will learn about the special ceremonies that Hindus take part in throughout their life journeys and compare these to the Islamic rite of passage that we learnt last term.



 We shall be learning about Mayans this term and how and where they lived.  We shall learn about some of the things that Mayans invented that impact our lives today - including chocolate!!

Recommended Reading List for Year 5 and 6