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Project 1

Being Human: Hinduism


During this project, the children will have the opportunity to revisit their prior learning about the main principles of the Hindu faith. They will explore the ways in which faith impacts the life choices of Hindus. They will learn about karma, how Hindu's believe this drives the cycle of Samsara and how a Hindu seeks to achieve Moksha. 


Project 2: World Book Week


More information to follow...


Project 3:

Healthy Lifestyles


Narrative Poetry: The Tale of Jasper O'Leary


You can watch an animated version of this narrative poem by clicking on the link below:


The children will have the opportunity to learn this poem by heart and create their own performances. They will explore the features that make narrative poems effective and then have the opportunity to write their own based on other unhealthy addictions their character may have.  

Persuasive Letter Writing


We will be exploring a health issue that is important to us and writing letters to persuade an important person to persuade them to make a change that will help to resolve this issue. We will explore the differences between formal and informal styles of writing and persuasive techniques. 


PSHE and Science

The children will be taught to:

  • Understand what being healthy means
  • Know how food is divided into different groups
  • Identify what makes a snack or drink healthy
  • Identify how diets have changed
  • Know how pulse rate is affected by exercise
  • Consider the benefits of sports and exercise
  • Know how drugs affect the body over time
  • Know how smoking affects the body
  • Know how to maintain good mental health
  • Know the importance of sleep 


Project 3

Extreme Earth


This enquiry encourages and supports the children to understand some of the key physical processes that shape the Earth, but also to recognise and evaluate the interaction of people with these physical processes. As this enquiry evolves, the children are able to appreciate how environments change over time and how this might bring advantages and challenges to the people who are interconnected with them. 





Equality and equity - what does it mean to be fair?

Recommended Reading List for Year 5 and 6