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Term 5 - The Earth and Beyond


We have produced some Knowledge Organisers for some of our key projects this term.  you can find them below.  Please use these to revise key knowledge with your children.



We shall be learning about biographies.  Using an biography of Neil Armstrong, we shall plan and write our own biographies about Tim Peake.  We shall be focusing on the purpose and audience of the pieces of writing and how authors make choices based on these.  We shall also be using a range of punctuation in our writing including dashes and semi colons.




4J will be revising place value of numbers and how to use this to support multiplying and dividing.  We shall also be learning about ratio before we move on to problem solving involving shapes.  4L and 4P will be learning about fractions and how to add and subtract them. Keep practising your number facts on TT Rockstars!


Science - Earth and Space

Our science project this term is Earth and Space. We shall learn to: 

- describe the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system

- describe the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth

- describe the Sun, Earth and Moon as approximately spherical bodies

- use the idea of the Earth’s rotation to explain day and night and the apparent movement of the sun across the sky.


RE - Expressing Beliefs through the Arts

Through out this unit children will: 

  • Know the meaning of the term ‘creativity’ and how it is a uniquely human trait
  • Know that people can choose to communicate meaning in different ways- dance, painting, music, words etc. 
  • Know that people may find it hard to express beliefs about big ideas (God, hope, truth, love etc)



 We are learning about the difference between some of the developed and the third world countries.

By the end of this unit children will:

  • Know the names and location of some developed and third world countries 
  • Know the main human and physical differences between developed and third world countries
  • Know why industrial areas and ports are important
  • Know how to use maps with a range of scales




Recommended Reading List for Year 5 and 6