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Term 4

We have produced 'Knowledge Organisers' for some of our projects this term.  You can find them below.  Please use these to revise key knowledge with your children at home.



In English, this term we will be reading 'Wild Boy' by Rob Lloyd Jones.




Set in Victorian London, a young boy covered in hair has been condemned to life as an act in the travelling freak show.

The character, who has been raised as a monster his entire childhood, has an extraordinary power of detection.

 This rollicking adventure novel is full of intrigue, as Wild Boy and his friend Clarissa try to solve a series of murders in underground Victorian London.

This book has been regarded as the modern-day Sherlock Holmes – it is certainly sure to leave you perched on the edge of your seat.


We will be using a range of reading skills to explore this story in depth and to inspire our own writing. We will be writing our own character descriptions, discussion texts and newspaper reports. 



This term, we will learning about fractions of shapes and quantities... It is important that you keep practising your multiplication and division facts as this will make your learning much easier in class!


We will then move on to learn about decimals and percentages. 




In our science project this term, we shall be learning about reproduction in animals and plants. You will:


  • Know the process of reproduction in plants 
  • Know the process of reproduction in animals 
  • Create a timeline to indicate stages of growth in humans




RE- Hinduism

This term, we will learn about Hinduism. You will know and remember: 


  • what the Vedas is
  • what the word ‘karma’ means to Hindus
  • what the word ‘moksha’ means and what Hindus might do to seek it
  • about an example of someone famous who lived a Hindu life, e.g Mahatma Ghandi





In History, we are learning about settlements. You will: 


  • Know key vocabulary to describe a settlement and the land use
  • Know how to use maps, aerial photos, plans and web resources to describe what an unfamiliar locality might be like
  • Identify how the human and physical features of the local area have changed over time.
  • Know how to make a detailed geographical plan or sketch to map land use.





In PSHE, our project is 'Healthy Lifestyles'. We will: 

- know the positive and negative choices related to health.

- know the choices that we can now make about our health that we couldn’t make before. 

- know that the responsibility for our choice lies with us. 

- know how healthy eating, physical activity, rest and relaxation can support all aspects of wellbeing. 

- know the long term consequences of informed choices on our body and mind.








Recommended Reading List for Year 5 and 6