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Term 5





To start off the term, we'll look at the wordless book 'The Arrival' by Shaun Tan. We will then write our own narrative based on the images from this picture book.. Additionally, we'll switch gears and delve into persuasive texts based on our very own town- Gainsborough. 




Welcome to our mathematics curriculum for this term! In our Team 4, pupils will dive into a range of engaging topics designed to build strong mathematical foundations. We will begin by mastering the skill of rounding decimals, understanding its practical applications in real-world scenarios. Moving on, we'll tackle the challenge of adding and subtracting numbers with more than four digits, honing our skills and problem-solving abilities along the way. Additionally, pupils will explore the concepts of multiples and factors, learning to identify and manipulate them to solve various mathematical problems. 


Pupils in Year 6 will focus on revision and consolidation of previous learning this term.


You can support our learning at home by encouraging us to access Times Table Rockstars and helping us learn our KIRFs. 


KIRFs (Key Instant Recall Facts)






In this science term, pupils will delve into the fascinating world of biological classification. Our focus will be on understanding the diversity of living organisms and how they are classified into broad groups based on observable characteristics, similarities, and differences. Pupils will explore the historical and modern methods used to classify living things, gaining insight into the evolution of classification systems. Additionally, they will learn to articulate reasons for classifying plants and animals in specific ways, considering factors such as habitat, anatomy, and behaviour. 





During this term in Religious Education, pupils will explore fundamental aspects of Christianity. They will delve into the belief that Jesus was God incarnate, sent to bridge the gap between humanity and the divine, fostering a deeper understanding of Christian theology. Pupils will also delve into the significance of the Ten Commandments, tracing their origins and understanding why they hold profound importance within Christian faith and ethics. Moreover, pupils will explore 'The Sermon on The Mount', examining its teachings and their relevance to Christian life and moral values. 





In this geography this term, pupils will embark on an exciting journey of planning and conducting their own fieldwork study in the town of Gainsborough. Through hands-on experience, students will learn effective data collection methods, honing skills such as observation, surveying, and mapping. They will explore various geographical aspects of the area, from land use patterns to environmental features, gaining invaluable insights into the interconnectedness between human activities and the natural environment. 




This term in PSHE, pupils will explore a range of crucial topics aimed at fostering their personal development and well-being. They will delve into the concept of peer pressure and its manifestations online, learning to recognise and navigate its influence in digital spaces. Pupils will also explore strategies for resisting peer pressure, both online and offline, empowering them to make informed and independent choices. Additionally, they will learn how to assess the riskiness of various situations and develop critical thinking skills to identify potentially dangerous circumstances. Moreover, pupils will explore the relationship between jobs and money, understanding the essential skills required for different career paths. 

Recommended Reading List for Year 5 and 6