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Team 2

Welcome to Team 2


Team 2 consists of 3 classes of Year 1 and 2 children.  There is one Year 1 class, a mixed Year 1 and 2 class and a Year 2 class. These classes are St David (2D), Saint Jude (2J) and Saint George (2G).


Saint David


Saint David class are taught by Mrs. Palin with Mrs. J Smith supporting the learning.  Mrs D. Smith teaches Saint David class on a Wednesday afternoon.


Saint George


Saint George class are taught by Mrs. Page with Miss Garwell supporting the learning in the mornings.  Mrs. Arnold teaches Saint George class all day on Wednesdays.  


Saint Jude


Saint Jude class are taught by Miss Hensby with Mrs. Austin supporting the learning.  Mrs Cherry teaches Saint Jude class on a Wednesday afternoon.