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Snack and lunches




Your child may bring a fruit snack for morning playtime if they wish.  We are hoping free fruit will still be provided but we are waiting to hear more information about this. 

Milk is available at a cost of 27p a day, £1.35 a week.  We are avoiding handling cash unless absolutely necessary so we ask that you contact the school office and arrange to pay for milk by card.  It is helpful if you pay in a block sum. 

Children in KS1 are entitled to universal free school meals.  Due to the building work, this will initially be in the form of a packed lunch. 




Due to the organisation of our ‘bubbles’, combined with the limitations caused by the building work, we shall have PE sessions differently in the first term.  Classes will be taking part in physical activities in their classrooms (such as Go noodle, yoga and activate) alongside regular mindfulness and wellbeing breaks.  They need to be wearing suitable school shoes for these activities and have a water bottle in school daily.



We will inform you when PE kit is needed in school.  PE kit should include: a white t-shirt, dark shorts (and track suit bottoms when it gets colder), and well-fitting plimsoles or trainers. It is useful to put in socks if your child has worn tights to school.  These must be different from the clothes and shoes that are worn for the school day. Please ensure that all clothing has your child's name in it, as occasionally children get things mixed up with each other. 



Water Bottles

Children are asked to bring a named water bottle into school each day to ensure that they stay hydrated. 







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