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Term 3 - The Water Cycle


We have produced some knowledge organisers for some of our key projects.  You can find them below.  They are a great way to revise key learning.



In Term 3, we will first be looking at learning about poetry. This will be linked to our topic of the Water Cycle. We will focus on poetic features and explore these in the practical, interactive lessons to deepen understanding and awareness of these devices. 


We will then be looking at Explanation Texts linking with the topic of Water cycles and how and why they happen. The children will use their understanding and learning from other subjects to help with this genre of writing. They will explore the features and create a toolkit to remember this for their independent writing. 








Year 3


In year 3, we will continue looking at different methods to support addition and subtraction.  We will be looking at ways to add and subtract 2-digit numbers that make 200 and completing lots of practical activities with various resources to support this learning.


We will then look at what a right angle is and where they are in shapes and explore these in and out of the classroom. 


Our KIRFS will be based on the duration of time, as we become confident in this topic. 


Year 4- 3J

In year 4, we will revisit addition and subtraction and different ways to be quick and efficient with our working out.

We will solve different problems and discuss the most efficient ways to do this.

We will also be focusing on number bonds to become quicker and more fluent with these.


We will then revisit right angles and shapes. This will be explored in many practical ways. 


Year 4- 3H

We will continue learning our times tables as we look at the patterns between the x3, x6 and x9.  We will also visit x7 and x11.   

We will find different ways to solve problems including the relationship between multiplication and division.

Our KIRFs this term are to focus on x11 and x9.





Geography - The Water Cycle 

Linked to our Science this will be our key project work for this term.  We will learn about the continuous cycle of water and the different stages within the water cycle.  We will find out about the role of rivers and mountains within the cycle and produce our own project pages showing what we have learnt this term.





Science - States of Matter

In science this term, we will be linking our learning to Geography and the water cycle. We will learn scientific words and means to explore the cycles. We will be experimenting with temperature and materials to show evaporation and condensation in many different ways. The learning will be practical and can be experimented further at home to deepen understanding. 



PSHEE- Mental Health

 In our PSHEE, we will be looking at healthy relationships focusing on what bullying is. What the impact is on the person that is being bullied, the bully and others and the strategies to help support others or prevent this from happening. This will be explored through drama, and circle time to help deepen understanding and spot the strategies that can be implemented to support. We will also be focusing on what accounts are and why we use them in our money matters lesson. 


RE -  Christianity

In our RE lessons we will be looking closely at what Christians believe about God. In particular we will learn about the Holy Trinity, with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.



We will learn about parts of the body this term- focusing on the face.  Year 4s will relearn colours as the year 3s learn them for the first time.

We will also learn adjectives so that we can talk about and write about descriptions of people's faces.


                                      Physical Education


For this term we shall be using dance as a stimulus to allow the children to move creatively.

Children will learn technical dance vocabulary such as cannon, call and respond and unison and then demonstrate these in a self-choreographed dance.

They will link this dance to their learning about the water.



Knowledge Organisers


We shall be starting to use knowledge organisers as a way to share the key knowledge for subject areas with you.  Please use these to revise the key knowledge with your children.