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Term 5



This term we will be finding out about persuasive texts and what this means and how they can be used.  We will be writing our own texts about why our rivers are so important and what we can do to look after them.  We will set off for a visit to our own Trent river as inspiration for our writing. 

We will look at different features or persuasive texts and what their purpose is and the effect our writing can have on the reader.  To finish off we will present our writing neatly into a leaflet so that we can inform others about what we have learnt.

Later in the term we will be using 'A River' by Marc Martin as inspiration to write our own creative descriptions of a river.



In Guided reading, the children will be reading the wonderful book 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark' They will be looking at the themes of this story and improving the fluency of our reading along with our comprehension of what has been read.








We will have a main focus on multiplication and division this term. In particular we will look at progressing from mental methods to formal written methods for both multiplication and division. There will be time to look at our multiplication tables before getting to the point of right, acute and obtuse angles.






History- The Mayans

This term we will learn about the Mayans as a non-European society that we can contrast with British history. We will look at who were the Mayans and when did they live, how did they live in the rainforest, what were their homes like, what did they believe, what does archaeology tell us about them and what caused their decline?



Science - Electricity

In Science, we will be learning all about Electricity. We shall be looking at what appliances use electricity, how to make a series circuit, what a conductor and insulator are and naming the parts of a circuit like cells, buzzers, wires, bulbs and switches.




In PSHEE, we shall be learning more about our Money Matters journeys and discussing what makes me, how to deal with set backs, naming the human genitals, menstruation and the important concept of consent.



RE -  Hinduism

In our RE lessons this term we will continue to find out about the wonderful religion of Hinduism. In particular we shall look at Dharma, Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan and how Hinduism embraces community.






Computing Data Logging 

In computing we shall be looking at how we can use technology to help us record data, such as how loud different areas of the school are and what the temperature of different areas of the school are.





In term 4 we learnt the vocabulary for different family members.  This term we will learn about our other important family members- our pets.  We will learn the vocabulary as well as being able to describe them.  We will also write some sentences in French to show what we have learnt as we increase our verbal and written knowledge of French.




In music we will continue learning about our composer for the year – Beethoven.  This term we will try to compose in his style- focusing on getting louder then quieter (crescendo and decrescendo).

We will also be listening to some soft rock music from different greats such as The Beatles, Bowie, Oasis.  We will compose our own tunes to play along to a rock backing tune.  We will use what we have learnt so far this year about the length of notes and pitch as we compose in groups.  




                                      Physical Education


For inside PE we shall be using a sports coach from Gainsborough Trinity Foundation to work with the class teacher and the children to support the children with their gymnastics learning. In particular the children will be looking at Symmetry and Asymmetry. For outside PE we shall be teaching the children all the skills they need to play the wonderful game of cricket. They will be catching, bowling and batting like England in the 1st Test!



Knowledge Organisers


We shall be starting to use knowledge organisers as a way to share the key knowledge for subject areas with you.  Please use these to revise the key knowledge with your children.