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Current Project

Term 1 - Who am I?


We have produced some knowledge organisers for some of our key projects.  You can find them below.  They are a great way to revise the key learning.



We shall be writing persuasive letters using the book Dear Greenpeace by Simon James.  We shall learn about the different features of persuasive writing and use these features as we then plan and write  our own letters about saving whales.













Year 3

In year 3 we will be looking at different methods to support addition and subtraction.  We will looking at ways to group numbers together and completing lots of practical activities with a range of resources.

We will practising our number bonds (which is pairs of numbers that might make 20, 50 or 100.)

Year 4

In year 4 we will revisit addition and subtraction and different ways to be quick and efficient with our working out.

We will solve different problems and discuss the most efficient ways to do this.

We will also be focusing on number bonds to become quicker and more fluent with these.




Geography - Counties and Cities of the UK

We will be learning some of the counties and cities of the UK.  We will try to find them on different maps as well as identifying where we live and cities and counties near to us.

We will learn about the different map symbols we might find and how these might link to different physical and human features. (Physical features are rivers, mountains etc. and Human features are buildings and roads etc.)


Science - Living Things and their Habitats.

In science this term we will be learning about living things and their habitats. 

We will learn how living things get what they need from the place that they live.  We shall also learn how to sort living things using branching databases.  We will finish the term by looking at the effects of humans on local and global environments.



PSHEE- Mental Health

In our PSHEE we will looking at a range of vocabulary to express feelings and emotions.  We will focus on emotion barometers and think about the range of intensity within each feeling.

We will also discuss different strategies to support our mental health.





RE -  Islam God

We will be learning about Islamic beliefs and comparing these to Christian beliefs about God.  We will learn the key parts of a mosque and have a knowledge of the 5 pillars of Islam.




French will be new for the year threes so we will be learning how to greet someone in French.

We will also be learning how to ask questions of each other like 'How are you?' or  'What is your name?' and how to respond.  Year fours will be revisiting this and applying it in different ways as well as writing more of the French in their books.



                                      Physical Education

This term in PE we will be improving skills in balancing, locomotion and using a ball.  We will be running, jumping, hopping, galloping and lots of other ways of moving.  We will also focus on kicking, rolling, catching, striking and throwing a ball.






Knowledge Organisers


We shall be starting to use knowledge organisers as a way to share the key knowledge for subject areas with you.  Please use these to revise the key knowledge with your children.