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Term 1 - Geography - Mediterranean Biomes



In Term 1, we will be reading our summer reading book 'Greenling' by Levi Pinfold.  We will look at a range of instructions for different purposes and the different features that we can find in instructions like 'imperative (bossy) verbs'.

We will plan out and write our own instructions on how to care for a 'Greenling' before editing our writing carefully.

We will go on to write setting descriptions using 'Greenling' again to support our writing.


In Guided reading, the children will be reading the book 'Voices in the Park' by Anthony Browne.






We will all begin term one with measurement of time.  We will use a range of vocabulary to describe different times including midday, midnight, AM, PM etc.  We will read and write a range of times using analogue and 24 hour clocks.  Year Fours will spend more time on problem solving involving time.

We will then move on to place value and number where we will be able to recognise the value of digits in a three or four (Year 4) digit number.  We will spend time ordering and comparing numbers before beginning our work on addition.






Geography - Mediterranean Biomes

We will spend some time looking at our European neighbours this term and making sure that we can name some of the European countries near to us.  We will find out that a 'biome' means a large region of Earth that has a certain climate and certain types of living things.   We will learn about Mediterranean biomes and compare them to the UK.  We will consider why the Mediterranean is a popular holiday destination.



Science - 

In Science we shall be learning all about flowering plants. In particular we shall look at naming all the different parts and what are their functions. They will also discover the role of the flower in the life cycle of the plant. Please look at flowers with your children growing in the wild and being sold in shops.



In PSHEE we shall be learning more on our Money Matters journeys and discussing how it is important to understand the feelings we have and how to use them in the most positive way.


RE -  Pilgrimage

In our RE lessons this term we will find out what 'pilgrimage' means and why it is so important for many people.

We will discover why Jerusalem is an important pilgrimage destination for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

We will also find out about the importance of other pilgrimage sites including Lincoln.




For our Year Threes it will be their first Modern Foreign Language lessons this term.  We will introduce conversation sentences like being able to say what your name is and how old you are etc.  We will learn our numbers up to ten and practise holding a simple conversation.

Year Fours will revisit this and also be able to read and write more of the French they now know.




This term we will be working with a Lincolnshire Music Hub teacher as we learn how to drum on Samba drums.  We will learn a variety of songs as we sing and practise different rhythms.  This will continue into term two as we also learn different ways to use our voices. 

Our composer for this year is Beethoven and we will begin this term starting to learn some facts about him.



                                      Physical Education


For inside PE we shall be using a sports coach from Gainsborough Trinity Foundation to work with the class teacher and the children to support the children with their gymnastics learning. In particular the children will be looking at new ways to link movements together. For outside PE we shall be teaching the children all the skills they need to play the wonderful game of netball. They will be passing, moving and shooting like the best of them.



Knowledge Organisers


We shall be starting to use knowledge organisers as a way to share the key knowledge for subject areas with you.  Please use these to revise the key knowledge with your children.