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Vicious Vikings




In our English work we shall be using the a video of 'Jotun' a Viking warrior on a journey as a stimulus for our own journey stories.  We will be continuing to use the Talk 4 writing approach so children will bring home a text map to learn.  We will than innovate the story to write our own.  We shall be focusing on use of conjunctions to write different sentence types.




Our new Science project is "Power of Forces".  We shall be learning about forces and how they make things move.  We shall carry out experiments and investigations into what can impact on an objects movement and shall find out how magnets work




Our RE this term is based on the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus.  We shall be learning about Hinduism and their sense of community.  We shall find out about the main religious beliefs of people of the Hindu faith and how they worship.



Our PSHE project will be ''Growing and Changing".  We will learn about how to deal with changes in our bodies and in our lives.



This term's computing unit is 'We are Bug Fixers', where we will learn how to alter codes in order to fix problems.  We will be using Scratch Jr for this unit.


In PE our project is gymnastics.  We will develop our jumping, balancing and rolling skills.  We will learn how to combine these skills to create linked sequences.



In History we will be answering the question, "What did the Vikings want and how did Alfred the Great stop them from getting it".  We will learn about Vikings, where they came from and why they travelled.  We will also learn about Viking long boats and invasions on Britain.  We shall be visiting Murton Park and living as a Viking for the day!






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