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Current Project

Term 2


We shall be using the book Possum Magic to inspire us to plan and write our own 'wishing tale' story.  We will learn how to use fronted adverbials in our writing to give more information to our reader.  We shall also learn how to punctuate speech accurately in our writing.
Maths This term we shall be learning about measures and using this knowledge to solve problems.



We shall be learning about Hinduism.  We shall learn about the Gods Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva and what their roles in Hinduism are.  We shall also learn about other important Gods.  We will also learn about 'atman' and what it means to Hindus and other important symbols.


What a state!

We shall be grouping objects based on their state of matter (solid, liquid, gas).  We shall also learn how materials change states of matter and what can cause this.


Knowledge Organisers


We shall be starting to use knowledge organisers as a way to share the key knowledge for subject areas with you.  Please use these to revise the key knowledge with your children.

Knowledge Organisers