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Glorious Gainsborough


Week 1

We shall be spending time getting to know our classes and building relationships with one another.  We will have lots of settling in activities to allow the children to adjust to being back in school and to the new school systems and rules.  We will also be taking part in lots of activities to get to know our children and to see where they are academically so that we can plan what they need.  We will be using the picture book 'Ruby's Worries' to support these activities.  Our maths work will be recall and practise of number facts.


Week 2


Through our science and PSHE work we shall be learning about being healthy, learning about germs and how they spread and the importance of hygiene in preventing this spread using the book "Do not lick this book".    We will be learning about the importance of community, looking at our class community, our school community and the local community using the book "We are Britain". 

Week 3 



We shall continue learning about feelings and how these impact on our abilities to learn.  We will learn about how we learn and what strategies we can use when we are finding learning challenging.  The book "After the Fall" will help us to learn about resilience. We will build on our communities work learning about our town and the features of it.