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Term 3


We have produced some knowledge organisers for some of our key projects.  You can find them below.  They are a great way to revise the key learning.



This term we shall be learning about explanation texts.  These explain how something works.  We shall use film clips from Paddington to write our own explanations of how the baths ended up in the kitchen!  The grammar focus will be on causal conjunctions, words that tell the reader about cause and effect (so, this causes, because, since, etc).




Maths this term will be looking at written methods for addition and subtraction and using these to solve problems.



In science this term we are learning about the water cycle.  The water cycle show the continuous movement of water within the Earth and the atmosphere.  We shall be writing explanations about how the water cycle works.



In RE we are learning about Christians beliefs and what they believe about God.  In this we will focus on the key belief in the Holy Trinity and what this means to Christians.

Knowledge Organisers


We shall be starting to use knowledge organisers as a way to share the key knowledge for subject areas with you.  Please use these to revise the key knowledge with your children.