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Term 1

Weeks 1/2

We will start the term with lots of settling activities to adjust the children back into school and their new class.  Taking turns, speaking and listening games along with activities to build social interactions will form a large part of what we do in these early days.  We will also be taking part in lots of activities to get to know your children and see quickly where they are academically to enable us to plan what they need.  We will use the pictures books ‘The Worrysaurus’ and ‘What makes me a me’ to support these activities.   

Weeks 3/4

We will be reading ‘Spinderella’ and linking it to our maths learning.  We will start some science based learning about spiders and insects.  Our speaking and listening activities will continue, along with regular brain breaks and well-being focused times.  We will also learn about the importance of perseverance and how mistakes can help us learn.  

Weeks 5-8

We will be learning more about spiders and researching to help us create factfiles. 

We will be looking at minibeasts and where they live.  We plan to have local area walks linked to geography knowledge and look at habitats that minibeasts might live in.  We will be developing our art and design skills by creating webs in various ways, using mixed media and materials.  We will be writing poems about spiders and webs. 

We will continue our brain breaks and activities to support our wellbeing, alongside lots of talking opportunities to develop our vocabulary and communication skills.