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Home learning

Children will be given spelling words to practise at home as part of the 'Big Spell'.  These words are the common exception words for their year group.  Later in the term the children will be given a variety of spelling words to learn at home.  They are given a spell check every week and we do the 'Big Spell' check at the end of the term.  Children will receive an award for their efforts if they are able to correctly read and spell their given words.  


Maths home learning tasks are given linked to your child's learning in class.   If you have any queries about maths home learning activities, please talk to your child's class teacher.  We will be sending home key instant recall facts (KIRFs) for maths this year, so it is important that children are practising these too.  A new sheet of KIRFs will be sent each half term.  This term's are available below.      


Regular reading can be recorded in your child's reading record.  We encourage children to read at home at least three times per week.  We check the reading records weekly and if your child has made the effort to read three times and it has been recorded in their record, they receive a raffle ticket.  The reading raffle is drawn at the end of the half term and the winners will get a new book!


Project Home Learning Activities


Project home learning activities will be sent home to accompany each new project that we learn in school.


Children can choose to complete as many of these tasks as they like and will earn raffle tickets for each piece to enter them into a prize draw!  There is no deadline to share project home learning activities, it continues for the length of the project to allow the children time to complete it. 



Project Home Learning Activities

Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) for maths