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Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) 

Each term we will have a different focus. By the end of this half term, children should know the following facts. The aim is for them to recall these facts instantly. Please read the 'top tips' section for fun ways to practise these at home! 



This table shows all of the calculations that the children must know fluently in Year 2. It is really important that they practise these facts at home so that they can recall them instantly without needing to spend time working them out. This will support the children greatly in solving trickier calculations.  This game is a fun way to practise online! Smoothie Maths || Practise number facts to 10, then 20 (ictgames.com)

Numbots is a game that can be accessed on a computer or an ipad and is a great way for children to practise and consolidate their Maths learning. Your child's log in information is inside their reading record.  If you are not sure what your child's username and password are, please contact your child's class teacher.